Tohono Chul

Ruby (charcoal kid) and Patagonia (red kid) were a definite hit at Tohono Chul. They were very well behaved and by the end of the last night, they were exhausted. They have never had so much petting. It is always fun to have visitors to the ranch, because they get to see the whole herd. I think Ruby and Patagonia did an outstanding job of representing the ranch.
Ruby is by far the best ambassador that I have had for the ranch. I was not surprised that many people did not know that they were angora goats and not sheep. Hopefully, a lot of the visitors will come out and see the wide variety of sheep breeds that I own - and maybe they will be able to pick out a llama from an alpaca!
My shop is back up and I am working on another hat using the skein of yarn that was a single that I plied to elastic thread. I am going to have to order more elastic. I can already envision a line of singles with matching elastic yarns to with with it. I am making this hat a little larger. The elastic is very easy to knit with and looks like normal yarn. Sure beats weaving in an elastic thread while knitting.
My circular shawl is now 16 inches in diameter. I am now designing 10 to 12 rows ahead, since I have figured out how lace works and know what I want to do. I could get addicted to lace also!