Yarns, Barn, and Hats

I am starting to list more of my yarns and patterns on etsy. I am also in the process of designing a website for my own products, so people will not have to go to other places to find them.
In response to an order for a hat, I designed four to give him options. He chose the one at the top left. All were knitted out of the same skein of yarn, so you can see the natural color variations in a Shetland fleece. I will be listing the patterns for sale on etsy as they are completed. Two have elastic bands. I find that the elastic works really well because the hats stay on.

I had this hat started before the Shetland Hats, but had to spin more yarn to finish it. Above is a close up of the hat and below is the finished hat. It is very similar to a hat I made during the 4th Avenue Street fair, but it has a larger elastic band and different novelties.

Funky yarns are in. I have started knitting a few of them to satisfy the non-knitters. It is amazing what can result from 23 yards on a size 17 needle. It does fit a real person.

I will post photos of the finished barn tomorrow. This was the way it looked on Monday. The doors and roof are now on. We have asked the builder to add 4 foot high panels on the inside of the stalls. I can just see the sheep butting the walls and them all popping off. The builder said he would replace them for free, but I would rather prevent it.
In order to give the barn builders freedom to come and go from the arena, we closed the geese up in their original area very close to the house. One day last week, I suggested that we move them to the old duck area. Marc proceeded to try to close them up in their area, so he could catch and carry them to the new area. I laughed and asked why he was not just herding them. They move away as we spread arms out and make ourselves look big. I refuse to pick one up. It hurts when they bite! Took two minutes to move them to their new home and they are happy. They now have a permanent concrete pond.

See the hole in the shed? The ram below has been busy getting into trouble. Below he is nibbling on a tree that Marc planted this fall. I will know that Marc has read this blog, when he mentions this to me!