Alpacas and first lamb of season

Joshua was really interested in the new alpaca male that arrived today. See Watusi, the last photo.
Josie is a Suri alpaca. Jennifer was checking her out in the typical way - sniffing the rear!

One of the Jacob/Border Leicester/Shetland had a ewe lamb this morning. Don't know whether she will stay black. I do hope so! Anyhow, it is already time for a new theme for babies. I was pleasantly surprised, since there is no way of knowing which ewes are closest to delivery. She was not a first time mom, so I was not worried. Baby has been up and drinking. I was disappointed that she did not use the barn, but not really surprised. The ewes like to move away from the herd for delivery. The only irritating thing is that Marc and I have not yet moved the ram out of the arena. He is the one I have to carry a big stick for. He is going to get caught tonight and moved to a pen. I need to be able to catch mom and babies, so I can ear tag, etc.

Watusi, Thanksgiving's father, arrived today. Funny how color genetics work in alpacas. Pure black dad and a chocolately/orange mom gave me a very light fawn cria.