Hair Raising

Jennifer, one of my alpacas, just earned her feed for the year. I was out picking up an egg after feeding this morning and she let out a trumpet blast in my ear. Then she and the other alpacas and llamas moved off and stared in the direction of the wash behind the Shetland sheep. I stood looking as they all trumpeted and a coyote started to walk away from the fence. It was pretty big and looked like it had been around a while. It was definitely watching the sheep. You know the expression "hair raising", well my hair did that - at 10:30 in mid daylight! I have chosen an earth tone color for the barn and it will be painted this week and the inner panels installed. Then I will be able to let the Shetlands back into the arena. It will save me hauling the wagon of feed out to them - amazing how much 120 pounds of feed seems to get a lot heavier every time!

I plan to use the blue kid mohair (Royal Blue Wilton's cake icing dye) for my next Barbara shawl. I will also spin extra lock spun mohair. It is time consuming to spin, but it is gorgeous worked up.
This photo was taken on New Year's eve. It was a "blue" moon for us and super bright. It was still really bright when Marc and I walked the dogs last night. We began our walk in almost total darkness. Ten minutes later the moon popped over the mountains and we had the feeling of a spotlight being turned on us.
Hope you are all enjoying the new year and the possibilities that it brings with it. I have decided to start closing shop at 4 P.M. since everyone who comes usually comes earlier in the day, so they can also see the animals. This will give me a chance to run errands - like mailing packages for Internet customers on the same day. During the winter, I have to run out immediately and feed the animals, if I don't want to do it in the dark, and then all of the places that I need to run errands to are closed. This will give me the option of not having to wait till Saturday to run errands or having to ask a friend to do them for me. I will still be here by appointment, if you find that you cannot make it by 4. Do feel free to call (520-572-3758.)