New ideas for a new year

If you stop by the shop/studio, do take time to say hello to Skyler. He is our 7 year old African Grey and I bought him a smaller cage, so he can come hang out with me during the day. Now that Kyle is working or at school all of the time, Skyler is being neglected. I do want to increase his vocabulary, so I am hoping that the change of scenery will do it.
I keep meeting people who have degrees in fashion and design. My background, as many of you know is a teaching degree and undergraduate degrees in Spanish and English and a Master's in Human Resources Management. Who would have ever thought that I would have settled into the fiber art business? Now I am wishing that I had known then, what I know now. Since I can't go back and relive my life, I have decided to move forward and study fashion design like I have studied animal husbandry, knitting, freeform, etc. If any of you have degrees and would like to share your knowledge or begin along with me, I am going to be starting a group in the beginning of February. Based on feedback from a few of my friends, I am leaning towards Monday or Wednesday evenings at about 7. Email me to let me know your thoughts, if you are interested.
The skein on the left and the scarf draped across all three skeins are already in my etsy shop. I tried twice to duplicate the colors in the scarf and have come close, but can't quite get it. I will be listing the other two skeins this afternoon.

This is the last barn picture! I have approved the paint job and the final touches have been put on. I am going to give the paint a day or so to dry before I move the Shetlands back in the arena. Then I will be able to sort the rest of the animals out. All of my goats have not gotten pregnant, but I am holding to my decision to let the does out next weekend. June is just too late for them to be having kids.