Workshops, waiting and break outs

I am busy redesigning my shop flyer and updating my class schedules. Most are fixed dates that repeat monthly. I am doing a nuno felting class from 10-1 on February 13th, so email, if you would like to come or get more info. I am limited in space - due to tables.
I am watching all of the sheep closely now, since a few are looking peaky. Above is Mounds. I had to feed her grain last year to prevent her getting toxemia. I am feeding her extra this year to be on the safe side. She has a little bit of an udder, but I think she is too agile to be ready yet.
The Jacobs ewe is shifting from one foot to another and fussing, when I go out, so she is in the final stretch. She is building her nest.

Yesterday a bunch of the does from the far out pasture busted their way through the fence. If we had grass, I would say that the grass was greener on this side. A bowl of grain shaken in front of them got them back on their own side. If they did not pound on the fences trying to beat up the does who are still locked up, I would have left them on this side. I don't need goats breaking their necks. It is also a lot quieter with them in their own spot. No head butting out there.
Oh, and that large grey coyote was back yesterday morning next to the bridge, when I let the dogs out. Since the dogs were not on a leash, that walk got cut short. Wish he would find somewhere else to hang out. The llamas and alpacas must be used to him. They did not make a sound.