400th Post

I promised animal photos for today. I am currently waiting for #17, Poppy to pop. She has full udders, has dilated and has starting to chew on wood and licking. I figure tonight or really early morning. There are a few others that are really close, but she has been standing in the stall for three days now and did not come to eat. If the other ewe had not already delivered, I would not even be looking at the ewes and stressing. I was supposed to go to the movies with Marc and some of his friends, but 4-5 hours away is just too much. My Tuesday nights at Barnes and Nobles are shorter, now that I am doing baby checks. Don't dress up, if you come out to visit and want to help during a delivery.I am so glad that this wheel barrow was empty, when the does started to play. I learned a few years ago to not leave a full one around, if I did not want to have to refill it.
This is what happened a second later.
Mounds, the white Rambouillet, is in the last stages of pregnancy and looks horribly depressed. I am feeding her lots of grain, since she looks like she could go into toxemia. The longer she goes, the more I think twins.
Absinthe found a quiet resting spot in with Watusi the new alpaca. The young does are popping in and out of his pen. He will not get lonely.
The black ewe in the foreground is calling for her lamb - standing right behind her. Such a racket!
On this occasion, the lamb responded and came to drink. If the lamb is not hungry, she will ignore her mother. This lamb hangs out more with another ewe than with her own mother. She is a very fast runner and she starts stampedes on a regular basis.
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