Art Yarns

Above is the beginning of a batt. I felt like it looked a little too much like autumn. I am using the batt colors to create another series of yarns in the hidden treasures line. I have not decided, if I am going to go for buttons with a theme or just stick with beads.
This was what I ended up with on the top side after adding some navy blue following Judy's suggestion. I was too close with the flash, but don't have time to redo the photo, since I need to get to the gym before it closes.
This is the color way that I carded and spun yesterday. The remaining batt was spun and then coiled and is currently hanging to dry.
I spun up a whole series of yarns to go with the spring colors. The skein on the left sold this morning as well as a lot of the yarn that I spun to go with it. The one on the right is still available.

This coral thick and thin is one of the few in the color way that still remains.

This is the art yarn that triggered the rest of the series and I am really excited that it sold so quickly. I am busy working on hidden treasure yarns, since I have sold so many in the past three weeks. They are the most intriguing for me to spin and I love that people are now seeing their uniqueness. I have the 4th Avenue Street fair next month and the spring shearing the next weekend at the ranch, so I want to have new colors available.
Another view of the skein.