Color Play

As I was walking back to the shop yesterday, I noticed that my batt came pretty close to the color of the sky. I am hanging things on a rack outside - kind of like they used to hang out a banner years ago to let people know that the shop was open.
I am really ready for spring. Some of the colors will be yellow and coral. The yellow has already been spun up into a coiled yarn. See the picture below. It is a blend of kid mohair and merino. The coral is all kid mohair.
These are three skeins that I had hanging out to dry two days ago. You can always tell when it is humid here, because yarn won't dry in an hour. The two on the left are all kid mohair that I spun from a batt that I think I featured on an earlier post. It turned out too pale, so it hit the dye pot for some richer blues.

The kid mohair locks above and below were dyed for an order. I should have some left and I plan to list them on my eshop - I just opened it last Saturday and have already started to fill it. If you have been to my shop and have suggestions for kinds of things that you would like to see listed (no obligation to buy!) then let me know.

This is the skein of yellow that was spun from the left side of the batt. Really cheerful, so it is still hanging on the drying rack, till I decided what to do with it. More than likely sell it, since I went to the Tucson Gem show today and came back with at least three cool ideas to use in yarn.
Above and below are two weavings that will probably become bags. I was cleaning out my scrap basket with a friend and found the really dark blue thick and thin. It goes perfectly with the blue that was on the loom. Then I took a portion of a skein from the shop to add some cool texture.

I currently have a 22 yard warp on my loom. I have only worked about 3 yards, so I decided that I would start playing with it. I am doing one in pale fawn alpaca with Shetland coils to add some fun. The weft is dominant, so I will be able to use almost any color I want on top.
I will share animal photos tomorrow. No new babies, but I am catching the animals doing a lot of silly things, since I am taking the camera out every day now. I have three groups scheduled for tomorrow, so I am betting that moms will pop babies, just because I am busy.