Geese are laying

Above is my first goose egg harvest. We still have two females and they must have started laying 3 days ago. I have been keeping an eye on the nests and must have missed due to the yucky weather on Monday. One egg was laying out in the middle of their area. The rest were in nests. Obviously the young goose did not know what was happening as she lay her first egg. I placed the chicken egg that I collected at the same time on top to give you an idea of size difference. I would also like to point out that the geese are not quite as tidy about their eggs. They are dirty!
This is the nest of the younger goose. You cannot see it, but it is 4 inches deep. I saw her in it, but would have known that it was hers because of the white feathers. Ugly's nest has the grey pilgrim feathers and is a lot more shallow.
This is the art yarn that I spun from the batt in the previous entry. It has stars and Victorian buttons in addition to the texture and bows. Below is the same skein with the two singles that I spun from the same batt. They are almost entirely out of the softest kid mohair - only a touch of Merino to add a splash of blue.
I am now spinning coiled yarns to go along with them. One is more towards the cranberry colors, while the other is towards the green. I will probably end up with a super coil out of the remaining fiber. I plan to empty the basket before moving on to another color scheme. I need to spin naturals and definitely some black due to requests, but will probably go bright again, since we are due to get rain again on Saturday. I plan to be ready!