Poppy finally had her lambs today - an ewe and a ram. The ewe was born last and her mother might have run out of energy in terms of clean up. She is still dirty and sticky. Her mother has not bonded with her as well as with the ram (what else is new), but both are up and drinking and there is no fussing, so I am happy. The ewe will be named "Ever" - is she ever going to drink, while the ram is "Ready" - always ready when mom stands up.

Spots will be next. You could see her whole side ripple this afternoon. She has complete udders and looks ready.
I listed these skeins on my eshop today. I never realized how hard it is to get greens to show up properly. I had to go into Photoshop to adjust the colors. My friend, Virginia, showed me where to go.
I am now over the horror of the thought of having to do all of the publicity for the Spring Wool Festival. I started working on it yesterday and discovered that one place leads to another online. If you look at the sidebar, you will see that I have added widgets for links to Tucson blogs. Kind of cool to see that there is a site just for us. Then I found the website and discovered that there is another place out there for local businesses to post. I have done most of the newspapers and have already heard back from the Northwest section of the Daily Star, so I hope it turns into a featured article.
Anyhow, I am amazed at how much information you can find and add to on the Internet!