Everyone is asking me to update my blog. They want to know about babies.

So - I still have only the one ewe lamb. One ewe miscarried last Sunday. Since it depressed me, I really did not want to write and depress others. A lot of the sheep are close, but due to the warm winter, the goats are not due for at least another month.

I have not settled on a theme for names, but Marc suggested that I name the ewe lamb "Early" for "She sure was Early." She is still pitch black and might stay that way since she has Jacob in her background.
This is the batt that was hanging in the last post. I hope to have it spun up by the end of tomorrow.
I taught a class on pin weaving this past Saturday and started one myself in order to demonstrate. All of the ladies have begun gorgeous pieces. Mine is the one above. I worked several hours today and yesterday on it and should finish it by tonight. I am trying to settle on a idea for incorporating it into wearable art. It will make a gorgeous picture, if framed, but I don't know that there is a lot of demand for that kind of art.
This is one in a series of three that I spun last week. It is a thick and thin coiled yarn.

This is my latest freeform yarn. Above is one side and below is the other. I began spinning with the green, shifted to the blue, green, and gold blend and then ended with the gold. I really like them and will wait a week or so to list them online, since people are popping in often - despite the yucky weather.
Among other happenings on the ranch, we got our overhead shelter up and Marc and I moved the ram to a pen all his own. I got tired of watching my back and I suspect that he might have had something to do with the ewe's miscarriage. Espresso was never a problem, but this guy has a lot more testosterone!