Almost ready

I got my shop put back together on Monday and then spent two days spinning. Above is a picture of all but three skeins that I am adding to the shop. With the 4th Avenue over and the spring shearing almost here, I felt a little pressure to have something new in the shop. My favorite of these is the one at the far right in the front. Shirley, if you are reading this, what was left of your nuno felted shawl are the center front skeins. They turned out really pretty. I am currently spinning a single in every shade of blue that was at hand - almost all kid mohair.

Forest was the sire for all of the black does. If you remember, The Witch had her twins on Monday. Well, her son is Forest (Gump) Jr. He is not getting the idea for drinking. I have had to lock The Witch's head in the panel in order to milk her, then feed the buck and then put the buck on her. Will try one more time tonight. Hope he does not become a bottle baby. He was nudging my leg this afternoon in hopes of extracting milk.

The ranch is almost all spruced up. Marc took a trip to the dump and I raked three hours today with some help. All of the pens got a once over. I have two school groups coming in the morning to see shearing, get an animal tour, and a fiber demonstration.

Saturday is going to be a big day. I have had lots of calls about the spring shearing, so I expect a good turnout. There were mentions in three places in today's paper, which is awesome. I was afraid that my submissions would get lost in the listings, but they caught my eye. Sure wish the paper would print the website - makes it easier for people to find directions and know a little about what they are coming to see. We are going to have great weather.

Danny is supposed to be here any time. After shearing for the school group in the morning, we are going to shear the adult angora goats and most of the llamas an alpacas. I am keeping some in fiber till the tours are done tomorrow. Hate for anyone not to see how cool they look in full fleece!