Baby Updates

No photos today. I spent the day packing the shop and then setting it up at the 4th Avenue. The fair runs from 9-6 according to the paper and I am in booth 331. I will have the shade of a Tattoo Parlor! Come visit, if you have time.

Dell had an iffy day yesterday, but she is definitely on her mother now. The little black doe born last Saturday had to be bottled fed yesterday and earlier today, but she seemed full when I went out tonight, so her mother is probably drinking enough water to be able to support all three. I will check again later tonight and before I leave in the morning.

I lost Granite, my Jacob ewe, to toxemia last year.It looks like I am going to lose her daughter this year. I am force feeding her glucose and a vitamin and mineral supplement, but she needs to have those babies soon! I did all of the research and talked to vets and breeders last year and none of them say that a C-section is worth the money. You lose babies and probably the mom and you would never breed the mom again. I have decided that I will sell her and her babies, if they make it, as well as Frodo. Their fiber does not justify the amount of work and money that I am putting into them.