Different colors and a set of twins

On Tuesday night at Barnes and Nobles, I discovered an inexpensive book on Georgia O'Keefe. I loved this color combination and thought that the curves would work well in a pin weaving. Yarns are selling fast enough now, that I have to focus on spinning, o above is the batt I carded on Wednesday.
This one of the skeins of yarn that I spun yesterday while demonstrating for a freeform spinning class. I used very little yellow in it and had to re-card some of the colors on the smaller carder in order to get the color variations that I wanted. I spun another today that is still in the wash.

This is a close up. A very different color combination for me.

Columbian had twins last night. They were out of a ram that was one of Pearl's quadruplets. How do I know? He was the only one with white in his background, and these two babies have tails that are way too long to be pure Shetlands. So, their background includes: Border Leicester, Jacob, and Shetland. They are both ewes and I have named them Light and Dark.

I managed to get Poppy's babies and Early ear tagged and with their first set of shots today. I then let Poppy and her twins out because I wanted to free up a pen. I had to put them back in the pen this evening, because the twins were out of control and Poppy was running ragged trying to keep up. The other ewes were butting heads with her, so it seemed the better thing to do. Marc had told me to let them out days ago. I wanted to wait till they were old enough to ear tag. I figured we would never catch them. I was right. We had to lure Poppy back into the pen with grain. I think she was relieved.