Lots of babies

This is Onyx with her ram lamb born yesterday morning right before I went dow to the 4th Ave Fair.
The two lambs in the foreground were born yesterday. Marc said he saw them at 11 a.m., but he did not think that they were new since they were large and dried off. I knew they were as soon as I saw them. It is amazing how many variations there are in coloring and how easy it is to pick out the different ones. I have a lot of spotted lambs this year.

Dell and her mother were evicted from their pen this afternoon after she got her shots. I figured that I would be needing the pens soon. She was not ready to move out, so she found a spot in the large shed. Her mother is hoarse from calling her.

The Witch had twins this afternoon, so I moved her into Dell's old spot. We have named the goats Broom (doe) and Handle (buck.)

Jalapeno had a huge buck right after The Witch delivered. Based on her size, I was expecting twins. Her afterbirth is out, so he was Lonely and was given that name.
My shop is set back up. It always takes longer to do after a shop. My morning customers were very understanding. I hauled them out to see babies. I am a proud mama, after all!