Street Fair

The above is what you see as you approach my booth. This was taken late in the day, so they are still there.
This is a booth photo taken about the same time.

Kyle's girlfriend, Tonia, took pity on me and helped out at the fair yesterday and today. I taught her how to drop spindle.
As you can see, she is a natural - very left brained and already spinning lace weight!

Tonia is a crocheter - and now a knitter. She learned how to knit yesterday, purl today, and then I had her knit 2 purl 2, and now she is creating her own sampler scarf. She says it will be for Kyle.
The street fair traffic was really light yesterday and today compared to its usual. Most people were out for a walk and socializing and not really even glancing into the booths. Some of my regulars stopped by and said they would be out for the festival this coming Saturday.
Marc is getting a real break. I was afraid we were going to have a baby explosion this weekend, since I am not here, but they are all holding off. 5 months ago we were having a heat wave, which probably explains it.
All babies are drinking off their mothers - so no bottle babies. I did lose Garnet's daughter this morning. I expected it, since she was really out of focus last night. I have decided to have a vet come out, if any of the rest get it, so I can try to tube feed. This ewe was sucking down the glucose, so there might have been something else going on. I plan to sell Frodo right after shearing. I don't plan to raise any more Jacobs, since their wool is not all that great. After three years, I have nothing to show for it and watching a sheep fade away is an awfully sad thing.