A white angora goat

Dell was born this afternoon and she knows where the milk is. I put her on again this evening, so I know she has a very full belly. I think her mother is in shock - she is a first time mom and is not quite sure what to do. I call it the teenage pregnancy syndrome. This kid is out of a buck from Oregon, not the Black Sheep Cup, so I am getting some really new blood. The buck had gorgeous hair, so I am hoping that he passed that along. Dell's mother is more a traditional angora, so her 4th fleece will be only OK - not next to the skin like the Texas line.

I am checking animals every 45 minutes during the day. The ones that least expect are the ones that are delivering, so I have some Prima Donnas out there.

The Jacob's ewe (that is her name, since she is the only one) has udders and seems pretty close. I hope she delivers tomorrow, since she did not eat today. I fed her the power punch and the glucose solution. She inhaled that, so I am not having to tube her yet. Her mother died of toxemia last year. This one looks like she is carrying triplets or more.