Baby update

When I went back out last night, the young doe had just had her second kid: both bucks - a relief in a way. If I can't sell them to a breeder, they will be easier to sell in the fall after the wool festival.

Since she was a first time mom, she needed to be moved into a shed, so the babies could get warmed up. One was already too cold and had to be blow dried. You know that someone is a true friend, when they are willing to drive out at 10 at night and hang out till babies are warmed and on their mom. Judy came out last night and stayed till almost midnight. Marc is on the east coast, so he managed to dodge the baby routine this time.

Catching the doe was a comedy routine worthy of a video. Too bad, Judy and I were both too busy to take one. Once the doe was in the pen, she was pretty good about letting me milk her and then get the babies on her. I think the catching wore her out and made her realize that she was not going to get away. She still had the tendency to back away from her kids when they tried to drink, but they both had enough and were sleeping contentedly when I was last out.

I had another first time doe dripping at dinner time. Right now, you would never suspect anything, because she is chewing her cud among the rest of the goats. I will check again at 10 and then figure early morning babies. If I weren't always checking, I could probably sleep easier at night!