Elastic yarns and babies

A set of triplets checking out the vegetation. The little one at the rear is an opportunist. He sneaks under other mothers for a drink.
Elastic yarns are finally taking off. I am currently tying on to the Baby Wolf a warp for a scarf that will feature the elastic. It works beautifully for hats bands and I want to see what happens when I use it in the weft. Above and below are a series of yarns that I will be posting on my eshop. Each features 4 skeins - a single, a single coiled, a Kathy's super coil, and an elastic yarn.

The elastic yarn below is wildly different from the roving that I used. I have been adding tencel and seacell to my rovings to see what will happen. So far I am really happy with the results.

Mounds is pretty close to delivery. She is obviously a very patient ewe because she is letting Sweet's kids jump all over her. I took a whole series of photos and had a hard time choosing which to use. The kids were tap dancing on her back, jumping on and off and as you can see below, occasionally falling off!

I am taking time out with the animals - and trying to remember to take my camera. They are so entertaining at this age. Three months from now, they will be gorgeous in full hair, but much more subdued.
I sold my Shetland ram last week and have gone shopping for a new one. There are two types of Shetland: the primitive with a long double coated fleece, and the more modern with a shorter crimpier fleece. The ram that I just sold had a double coat and no where near as nice as the single coated. I went to the farm where I bought my first sheep and have ordered a new ram from her. She has some of both styles and she knows what I am looking for. The primitive style has a coarser outer coat that reminds me of Icelandic. It is rug yarn after the first fleece and not at all what I want.

This red kid doe was born with blue eyes. They are slowly turning marbled brown and blue. She was my first red kid. One more was born on Friday. She had brown eyes and is chocolate colored. Going to be gorgeous!