Life is an ongoing adventure

Winter is very gentle, as you can see. These three bucks are always messing with her and I have seen one of them - the one on the right - drinking from her. It is too funny! This photo was taken with my cell phone and turned out rather well.

My Southwestern shawl sold this afternoon, so I can make another! I am thinking red, white, and black, but the lady who bought the shawl wants to wear my novelty yarns as necklaces and has commissioned me to make a dozen smaller ones for her. She really planned ahead because she brought the sweaters that she wanted me to make the necklaces for. We put together a lot of the raw ingredients, so I will be working on those first. I can see that some of them will be the inspiration for much larger yarns. I also came up with an idea for two of them and they will have to be necklaces. There is no way anyone would want to knit them! I will keep you posted on my progress. She does not have a computer, so they will still be a surprise for her. I can play!
The above lamb was born last week. He is still really tiny. Any even smaller ewe was born with a twin on Thursday. Kidding and lambing is almost over. I am still waiting on the red does who were picky about their partner.