Cold spell 5 months ago means more babies

Above are two options for necklace number 7. The one on the right is a better match, but not as exciting as the one on the left.
I don't need any more babies and moms who did not even look pregnant are giving me twins. These two does were born on Saturday to Casa and they are out Barbara's line. The two of them together are the size of a regular baby.

I added pin weaving to the scarf and really liked the effect. I was going to weave the rest of the scarf in plain weave, but decided that it was too boring.

I am currently weaving a vest on the same warp using more of the cream alpaca Targhee and some Merino seacell that I spun up in southwestern colors. It looks very different from the one above. My next post will include photos of it. I have 22 yards on the loom and have decided to finish the whole thing before taking it off. I have several cellphone sized bags, a few larger ones and a drop spindle bag which incorporates elastic in it. I will be happily surprised when I take it all off. I have already forgotten what I did as the first few projects and I have at least 10 more yards to go.