Lots of kids and yarns

Above is necklace number 5.
This is a freeform that I spun for the shop in the same shades with a deeper pink added. I might do another necklace with the brighter pink in it to give her a choice.

Above is necklace number 6. The outfit is a chocolate shade with some red tones. I used three shades of alpaca -some Suri and some Huacaya, as well as "red" kid mohair.
I had started weaving a scarf on my loom using a very loose weft. I did not like it, so I started packing it in tighter. I was playing around with the loose weave and realized that I could pin weave that section. I quickly spun up some funky yarn to go with it. I have already done a third of the pin weaving. Will show that in my next post. It is turning out rather cool.
Barbara and Amber have been running neck and neck in their race to have their kids. Amber beat Barbara by an hour. She had triplets, 2 bucks and a doe (she did not make it.) Barbara had twin does and, unfortunately, one has a deformed nose and no real chin. She is having difficulty drinking from her mother and I am trying the bottle, but she is not doing well with it either.

Amber's babies are now resting comfortable. They were born on the hottest day this year and were a little stressed.
This is Casa and she had her babies yesterday also. They are out of Rio and both does. They are tiny! Two of them are equal to one of Amber's babies.
Darling, another one year old doe, had her kids today and did it all by herself. They are also out of Rio. One is black and one is deep chocolate.