Mounds and Baby and Yarn Inspirations

Above is a batch of coordinating yarns in charcoal, white, and purple that are designed to go together, but can be purchased separately. I am going to re-photograph them, since the sun was a bit much and washed out the colors.
This is the freeform yarn from the batch above.

A closeup of the beads from the third necklace.
This is a closeup of the necklace.

A visitor to the ranch that I caught a glimpse of yesterday evening. He was about 18 inches long.

The chollas are in bloom. The blossom was the inspiration for a skein that I am currently spinning. It will probably be coiled. I need bright colors now to raise my mood.

I will probably name Mound's surviving ram "Pint." This baby was born last evening at 7:30. I knew Mounds had another and finally gave her some power punch at 10 p.m., which caused her to finally push. I could tell that she was not going to be able to do it on her own, so I pulled the lamb out. I had to keep pulling and finally had a white ram in my hands that was the size of a baby llama. It did not look right and I was not surprised when he died an hour later. His back legs were deformed and he never seemed to focus. His umbilical cord was 4 times the size of any that I have ever seen and he weighed 16 pounds. Pint only weighs 6. Mounds and Pint are both doing fine.
Barbara and Amber are sharing the leanto. Amber (right) is going to deliver today - unless she is a drama queen.
Getting ready to have a baby is tiring!
I have to admit that I am burnt out by the baby situation right now. Getting up several times in the middle of the night can really wear a person out. I have to admit that I would make a horrible care giver, since I need my sleep. I really do admire those who are in the care giving situation.
Since I have a huge veterinary bill to cover, I am offering all handbags - whether knitted, woven, or felted at 15% off for the rest of May. I keep making them and I am running out of room!