A walk through my week

Number 4 in the necklace series. I spun up 3 other skeins (no beads) that I will be listing on etsy.
Marc and I walk the dogs in the evening and, one day last week, I took time to photograph different southwestern plants at dusk, so I could have a true idea of colors. I need to finish the southwestern landscape that I have going and it is a darker one than my usual. I also photographed the roses that were planted a few years ago in the back yard. I noticed that they are growing in a very abstract manner - just like me!

I have had this scarf in mind for quite some time. I wanted to see what would happen when I used elastic yarn with my other novelty yarns. The yarn was all spun from the batt off my elsa carder and you can see how differently each one appears based on the technique used in spinning.
It actually works better as a collar than as a scarf. I packed the yarn in lightly, but it became a lot firmer once the scarf was removed from the loom.
Every couple of months, the rabbits need to be plucked. This is Copper and I carded his wool up at the same time that I plucked. I got 2.4 ounces into two batts. I also carded up Cadbury's. Just have one more left to do.

If you were new to the ranch and went out to see the animals with me, you would see babies playing and animals so deep asleep in the mid afternoon, that you would swear that they are dead. Watusi is pretty laid back and is never lonely. Marc finished remodeling a pen and we moved him 5 pens down, so he would have more shade. The goats, who are free to roam, moved along with him.
She still looks pregnant, but her doe kid is next to her. This one of the Texas doe's daughters, who was not supposed to get pregnant. I came back from the 4th Avenue Street Fair in December to find a silver buck having a good time. I expected the baby and she is really cute and self possessed. I could tell that there were color genetics in her background, because she was up and drinking from her mother without help. Pure whites seem to be weaker at birth. Still waiting on those picky red does!

Three generations piled up on one another. To the left is Shake (this year's bottle baby), in the foreground is her half sister from last year with her head resting on their mother Dark Chocolate. To the right are Shake's brothers - Rattle and Roll. Rattle is staying very dark with blue eyes and Roll looks to be turning silver with brown eyes. The bucks are for sale $350 with papers.
The shop is kind of quiet right now, so I am using my time to spin for the fall and list yarns on my online shops. If you are out of state and have bought from me before, know that these are my best skeins. It takes too much time to make listing any of the less impressive ones worth it. www.uniquedesignsbykathyshop.com and www.uniquedesignsbykathy.etsy.com. The art yarns are on the shop and patterns and less expensive yarns are on etsy. I hope you will take the time to look and pass the word along!