Birds that Sing

Friday morning, I was listening to the birds singing outside my window and the melody of a song that Kristie played years ago for Kyle's kindergarten class started running through my mind - "Thank you, God, for the birds that sing..." I had been asked to play for his class and I knew that Kristie was already a better pianist than I would ever be. As I was removing the roving from the carder, I glanced outside the window and spotted this cardinal. Gorgeous color on a dreary day!
This is Chinless. Her chin is not noticeable to someone unaware of what an angora goat should look like. She has a sense of desperation when I come to feed her, even though she can't even drink a whole bottle when I come out to feed. She frantically pokes at the bottle, but can't seem to remember that she has to open her mouth to suck. I have figured out how to feed her and hope she learns how to drink from a bowl as she gets older. Otherwise, she is a character. I caught her looking at herself in the shine of the garage door. She has learned to walk through the fence to greet me. Scary thought, since she could do it when I am not around and get taken by a coyote.
Necklace number 9 is finished!