Girls' Night Out

A close up of necklace #8. I liked it so much that I have carded up a batch that I will turn into a freeform yarn after I finish spinning the last three necklaces. I want to get them done, now that I have a few more ideas - hat in a slouch style, vests and the rest of the bags from my gray 15 yard warp to sew up. All of the current bags and any that I finish before the end of the month are on sale till June 30 at 15% off.
I let the three angora doe rabbits out to run around the studio tonight. Won't do that again real soon! They were hard to catch and made a huge mess. I am not into house cleaning! I did notice that they managed to find spots to rest in that acted as camouflage for their wool. The white one preferred the light colored tile.

The large copper hid under the maple colored loom.

And the black one found the vacuum cleaner. It was fun to watch them run around, but I had to get Marc to help me corner the last one. And then I had the clean up!

The Gila monster was back on Friday behind our pool area. I got some really great photos. My camera has a 20x zoom, so I felt like I was right up on him.