Major Changes at the Ranch

Last Saturday, I went bead shopping to relieve stress with my friend, Holly, and I came back with some southwestern charms. I plan to add them to yarns. I already have one set on the wheel right now.
I now have two more rooms to fill with fiber. This was Kristie's room and I gave it to Kyle last year as a study. He has now graduated from the U of A with a BS in both Physics and Math. He has been accepted to the San Diego State University for his master's with a teacher's assistant position, so he moved out there this week. He stripped the rooms - except for the huge bed, which we had told him was staying here. He took Garfield and Licker, two of our cats, so I moved the rabbits into the kitchen - in cages of course. It is just too hot outside.

A lot of the furniture that we have been hauling around became Kyle's. We bought the couch when Kyle was 8 weeks old and he asked for it years ago.

Stress also puts me in the design mode. I saw a slouch hat online and decided to design a knitted one for my yarns. I will post the pattern on etsy, as soon as I have checked for typos and put a picture on. I am designing a crochet slouch hat right now. I am spinning elastic and matching novelty yarns, so fiber artists can make their own.

I also took the material off my loom, since I noticed that the right side of the warp was looser than the left. It is giving me a chance to finish those designs. The scarf below was an adaptation using pin weaving in the weft.

The skein of yarn was dyed in a ball, so one end is a lot darker and a different color from the other. It is about 11 inches wide and will be just right for a climate - that is not Tucson!
I made this shawl during the nuno felting session a few weeks ago. It matched my shirt perfectly!

Necklace number 10! One to go! Then I will spin some to sell.

Finally sewed the straps on the felted bag that I made several months ago. It is 15 by 15 inches and is sturdy enough to hold a laptop - or several knitting projects!

And last, but most important of all, Pearl had triplets this morning and finished up just as I was going out to feed. No worries for me and all lambs were definitely bonded to her and drinking when I fed at dinner time. Baby season is over!