The goats recognize any plastic bag as having a treat in it. This is the only way that Marc is able to get really close to the animals. They know that there is not a lot in the bag, so they have to hurry, if they want any.
It rained two nights ago, so I went out to take photos of the animals. Their fleeces are so much curlier and springy looking, when they have been wet. We have only had one 20 minute rain spell. This monsoon has been pretty sad in terms of rain.

I have listed that I am selling sheep and goats on craigslist. I have put a sampling here to be looked at, since I am not going to send individual photos out. Takes too much time and they are NOT going to pose. Anyone who is really serious is going to come to the ranch to see them close up.

Almost all of the white kids have fleeces that look like this. This is a close up of the buck in the photo above.

Most black angora goats are born black, but their colors change by the time they are two months old. The one on the left has kept a very dark fleece. He is one of Shake's brothers. The buck on the right is now silver. A sliver of the fleece of a white buck on the right side is so white, that it does not really show up.