New Designs

I finally finished this freeform shawl - just in time for Kristie to model it for me during her visit. It takes a certain amount of "drama" to carry off the unusual designs and I think Kristie has it!
I designed this to be a traditional shawl, but noticed that the center piece worked perfectly to frame my head and be worn as a mantilla or prayer shawl. The pattern will be for sale on my eshop and etsy by this weekend.

The more traditional look.

I have played around with pin weaving and have now finished all three of the pieces that I had started. I wanted to show that each one lent itself to being finished off in a different way. I can't pick one as my favorite. All three are now in the shop. I will schedule a pin weaving class in January, if there is sufficient interest. I am now playing around with texture on my Cranbrook loom.
Pin weaving as a scarf.

Pin weaving as a bag.

Pin weaving as wall art.

Blue beaded yarn.

3.33 pounds of yarn spun over the past week. The blue skein at the front has the beads. The rose and greens have novelties and various singles to go with them. I am currently spinning white - it is a combination of Shetland, kid mohair, and alpaca that might (or not!) remain white.