Our monsoon is almost over and it has been pitiful. They listed the rainfall totals for the different areas of Tucson and our area has received 1.5 inches, where other parts of Tucson have had 4 to 12 inches. Trees are losing branches and leaves and we just have to watch it happen. My friend, Holly, was here last week and I was joking with her about our lack of rainfall. I mentioned that there is always a blue patch of sky above the ranch while all around you can see nasty thunderclouds. As she was leaving, I looked up and there was our patch of blue, so I had to run back in and get the camera.
We have a flock of black birds hanging out to steal the dogs' food. I thought that this picture was rather cool. There were two birds on the float, but this was the better picture. I love the reflections in the water.

I finished the black, white and grey scarf!

I finished a felted bag..

and, I put the strap on a woven bag from the 15 yard warp. I have decided that Sundays are good for finishing projects, because I can run back tot he main house to use the sewing machine without worrying about leaving the shop unattended.

My most recent yarns spun over the past five days.