San Diego

I had an 8 by 10 foot booth. It was the smallest booth that I have ever had, so it was a challenge to get it all in. Most of the supercoiled yarns from the front sold. Non knitters were buying them to wear as scarves. I have decided to take them off the wheel in smaller batches, so they will be less expensive. I will have multiples of the same colors, so knitters will have enough to make scarves. The price per yard/ounce will not change.
While in San Diego, we visited the La Jolla Cove to see the seals. I caught this pelican in the middle of a yarn.
The seal in the middle of the water was definitely an older male. Kind of ugly, if you ask me, but the water was a lovely color.
While at the San Diego Zoo, I saw this palm tree. I was struck by the owl formed by natural growth and tree trimming.
This was the first show for the San Diego group and foot traffic was not so busy that I did not have time to spin. I started spinning the single in the ball at the foreground, but switched to thick and thin as I saw the supercoils selling. I plan to coil all of these today. The dark blue single on the top is the same roving as the thick and thin blue at the back. The two blues at the front are also the same roving. I love how changing the texture changes the color of the yarn. I will post photos of the coiled yarn this afternoon, so you can see how they changed again.