A Day Off

Above is a picture that Caitlin, my intern took today. This is Barbara, my oldest goat. She was born in 2003 and is still going strong. She has produced lots of lovely babies over the years. She still loves the salt licks! I played with the picture a little.
I went over to a friend's llama ranch to help with a baby llama. She did not make it, but another baby was born while we were there and she seemed to be in good health. Caitlin took the photo of this mama llama, while I was working with the baby. Her eyelashes are gorgeous! None of the rest looked half as cute.

I am getting lots of spinning and carding in, while Caitlin is washing and picking the fiber. She is getting to see how variable fleeces are in terms of quality and dirt. I have taught her to drop spindle and want her to hop on a wheel tomorrow or the next day. She is worth more than her weight in gold!