4th Avenue Street Fair

The 4th Avenue Street Fair starts tomorrow. My friend, Donna, went down and helped me set up my booth. It needs a little fine tuning, but otherwise looks really good. If anyone is not busy tomorrow afternoon and would like to come to the street fair to help cover the booth and pass out flyers, please call my cell 401-6117. A week ago Tuesday, Columbian had triplets. In keeping with my fiber theme , they were named: Laceweight, Sport Weight and Worsted Weight. Laceweight was curled up on top of her mother this morning, but those pictures are still on my phone. Since Columbian is pretty calm, the lambs are easier to catch - especially Laceweight. I was really worried about her at first because she was so tiny.
My Grandmother's Irises have bloomed again. They are very hardy. I have been hauling them around for 16 years now and they have survived everywhere.
I took a photo of my stepmother while we were sorting some of my Dad's paperwork. Last week I worked from 7:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. on clearing out papers. He kept it all - papers from 1930 to now, every receipt, all of his taxes, and pretty much every card that he received over the years, as well as printed copies of emails. I have kept what looks like history and trashed the rest. It was unbelievable and totally overwhelming. If you are hoarding paperwork, do your heirs a favor and get rid of the non essentials. You have to pay extra to get it hauled off, so why not keep it moving out? Do you really want them to be reading every single piece of correspondence that you leave behind? There was so much of it, that you can rest assured that I only looked to see who wrote it - kept it for my sisters and brothers, if it had writing and was not just a card with a signature - and threw out all of the rest. Having priced the hauler fees, this is some pretty pricey trash!

The spring shearing festival is next Saturday. Fortunately, I did all of the advertising before flying to my Dad's, because I am now too beat to do it. The Arizona Daily Star called today to confirm their information, but I don't expect an article this year. Hopefully, all of you are passing the word along.

Marc wants me to remind everyone to watch out for rattlesnakes. This morning there was one was under my orange tree outside the shop - Charcoal was sitting within striking distance checking it out. Then this evening, the dogs started barking and would not stop. Another, larger rattlesnake was in their area in the back yard. They had obviously made it mad because it was rattling. I did not see any bite marks, so I won't know, if they got bit till something swells up. Two snakes in one day is a bit much!