Yarn extremes

Somehow the post that I created at my Dad's did not make it to my blog. I made it back home after 10 days in Colorado Springs dealing with his estate. His house has sold, so I went to sort his belongings, do a yard sale, and donate the rest. Wish I could say that I am back to doing my usual things, but there is still a lot of paperwork to sort and time shares to sell.

It is hard to settle on any one task, so I started carding batts in hopes of tidying up the studio. It is not quite happening, but the batts are lovely and will work as very interesting yarns or parts of landscapes.
The above are all Shetland. The front and the back are not the same, so they are reversible.

It took me three days to card the batts for the kid mohair above. Thought I would show how much trash is still left in after three cardings. I plan to coil this kid mohair, so I will have yarn available for the Medieval collar pattern. This is lace weight yarn.

I have started another knitted landscape using the size 35 needles. I just ordered a batch of them, so I can sell them. They are an addiction.
I am using 12 strands of yarn that I have spun. I carded the batts with the intention of having variegated yarns. I have knitted 18 inches and with 51 stitches on the needle, it is approximately 46 inches wide. It is using up lots of the non wearable yarn. It is a perfect use for the older mohair and scratchier wools. I am currently shifting to a darker pine green to create the illusion of a forest. I plan to embellish on top with coiled and super coiled yarns. I was considering changing colors in a middle section for the sky, but the numbers of threads was outrageous, so I will let surface design break the horizons. The needles and all of the yarn are quite heavy, so I am only doing a few rows at a time. You would not believe how much yarn it is eating!