New Yarns, Freeform Vest, and a Sunset

I am always being asked for yarn similar to those in my southwestern vest, so I spun up just enough to make one. The colors are close, but will never be an exact match, since my dye lots and blending change each time. They are gorgeous and tempt me, but I have hung them in the shop.

I have put the dog hair on hold (more than halfway done), so I can spin up a few new yarns for the Pasadena show. I will be spending all day tomorrow loading the truck and organizing, since I have scheduled a few workshops. The blue one at the bottom is a freeform yarn that is mostly kid mohair and both types of alpaca. I discovered today the red kid mohair and the white Suri are a beautiful silky blend - next to the skin of course. I have carded up superbatts of each of the colors, so I can play around with them during the lulls.

The photograph does not do the colors justice. The vest is almost done - it would have been, if animal emergencies had not eaten up my time this past week. I plan to take it to Pasadena, since it shows off my yarns and a comparison can be made between my handspun and commercial yarns in the same project. Mine wins, of course!

One front side.

The other front.

A lovely sunset - we did not get rain - but everyone else did!

I am heading out early Wednesday morning to the Pasadena Bead and Design Show. If you live near there, come visit, and bring something to show and tell.