So many projects

I started knitting this landscape two months ago. I am back to working on it in between sessions of spinning dog hair (no picture of that since it is white and not spectacular!) I am using size 35 needles that are 32 inches long and using 12 strands of either a single or a two ply that is between fingering and sport weight. I now have the needles available for sale in the shop. They are $52 plus postage, if you do not live locally. It is a great way to use up yarn. This is going to be a wall hanging. The next one I do will be a rug - the idea is to use up the roving and yarns that are not next to the skin in an artistic manner. I have challenged myself to spin the yarn colors required for a specific design to see how well I can follow it. I am pleased with how it is turning out.

Mounds and a Shetland in the arena are both pretty close to delivering. Mound has definite udders and her backside looks loose. I can't believe that she could just be fat. Her shape is too off!

I have almost finished a freeform vest from the yarns that I bought in Del Mar. I spun eight skeins of my own yarn to go with it and decided to just use four of them, since I don't need them all. The other night I pinned the pieces to the pattern that I had modified. Good thing I did because some of the pieces just barely fit. Now I am filling in the rest. I decided to wait to publish a photo once it is complete. Probably by the end of the weekend. It is an addictive project, since is is laid out on my table and I walk by it every time I get up. I made sure that I picked colors that I love, so I would be sure to finish it!