Happy Accidents and Inspiration

You know that someone really cares about you, when they find something truly unique and actually buy it because it reminds them of you. My sister, Paula, and my step-mother, Vicky, were out shopping the other day and came across this ram. I hated to put something inside it, because it has a lovely colored bowl inside the body, but it is a great way to display mohair locks.

At last week's show in Pasadena, I was asked to design a sweater in moss green. Since I was already ordering something from the Dharma Trading Company, I decided to just go ahead and buy three bottles of the moss green dye. I filled both dye pots with a variety of fibers - kid mohair, Suri alpaca, Shetland Border Leicester lamb, and Merino off my ram and walked away. When the dye was all absorbed, I rinsed the fibers out and lay them on my drying racks. I was amazed at the diversity of color that I got. It split between dark moss green, bluegreen, emerald green, and yellow green. The milk fiber barely absorbed any of the dye. I had planned to card all of the fibers together for a textured yarn. Now it will have the Monet look - all shades randomly blended. It was a happy accident, since the colors are gorgeous!

On my way back from Pasadena last week, I took a detour to pick up Garfield from my son. He has been failing for a while and after an expensive vet visit which said he tested fine, we decided to let him come hang out here. It is hard to watch an animal fade. I have given him the roam of the areas outside the studio since he loves to sprawl in the heat. Once or twice, he looked like one of the birds was going to be his. He has been losing weight all week, but seems better today. I am giving him dry food and addding probiotics over all of his food. He ate with renewed appetite tonight and things are solidifying. At any rate, he is happy hanging out in a mohair basket (older stuff, which I will eventually spin - so no longer for sale since he is sleeping in it and I am not going to move it for now.)

I finished 5 pounds of dog hair/Shetland. Still have more to do, but I need to fill the racks for the show in Schaumberg and a few smaller orders before I get back to it. I have been spinning supercoils almost exclusively, since they sold out in Pasadena. I have done a few fall shades (on the right) and hope to get a few skeins of the Medieval collar yarn spun. If it is black, it will sell. The orders are for white and black supercoils. I need more time!