Inspired - Pasadena Bead and Design Show

Due to a slight mix up, I ended up in a large room and was very excited to see my designs presented as a gallery. My shop now seems too small! Most of the yarns that you see on the first rack are gone. All of the yarns from the last post are definitely gone.
I flew in my sister, Paula, to help me with sales. She has an awesome ability to spot trends and can recognize unique works of art. She not only helped with my sales by modelling my pieces, but went around helping other vendors with theirs.

Paula has a very flamboyant grace and was so obviously a natural model that she was asked to model my pieces and some others at the fashion show. I missed that since I had a class scheduled - and I have to admit that I did not even know that they were doing it. She was a definite hit and so was my work.

All shows are great for inspiration. I came away with new ideas for colors, a few possible designs, opportunities for travel to teach, and new places to do shows. I met lots of artists, who work in different mediums, and made several new friends.

And, very importantly, I am able to repay my husband for the feed bill loans that he has provided for the last few months. He is truly great at watching over the animals at home. I can never thank him enough for freeing me up to travel. He says I take it for granted - he has to reschedule his own trips occasionally - but I don't. It is easy to get someone to throw food at them morning and night, but very hard to find someone who can recognize an animal in distress. Anyhow, I thank him for it.

The latest batt off the carder. It is a blend of Black Shetland lamb and dyed mohair (it has the shine.) I plan to spin thick/thin and elastic yarn for the slouch hat, and supercoils with whatever is left over.