Stitches Midwest and other shows

I just took this photo of my front rack to use as part of my new business card and to have a memory of what colors I have as I leave to go to Schaumburg. I am a little excited about the show, but dread the drive. My intern, Caitlin, is going with me, so it should be a fun road trip.

The nuno felted shawls above were an order from Pasadena. I am happy to say that all of those orders have been filled (although a new one was placed by one person who had ordered, who understands that the show comes first), so I can start off with a fresh slate.

I have been juried into the Tempe Festival of the Arts for the first weekend of December and I am doing the Pasadena Bead and Design Show again Jan 12-15, 2012. I will for sure be teaching nuno felting and drop spindling and will offer one other choice. Anyone planning to attend, who has a preference, should express interest now.

I am putting it in writing, so I will have to stick with it. I am not going to spin dog hair for anyone from this day forward. It takes way longer to spin than my own yarns, there is not enough satisfaction, and it does not pay the bills. I have a need to create lovely and inspiring things, and dog hair is not it.