New designs

Kind of cool to win for something that I love to do. Comes with a free booth next year - so you can plan on me being in booth 25 next year.

I spun two freeform yarns. My supply has been seriously reduced by recent shows. These are my favorite yarns, because they make me think. You can't just throw the items in and have them work as a whole.

I have finished the pattern for my dress. It includes a few closeup pictures inside, since words do not adequately convey the assembly. Publishing the pattern means that I have to spin yarn for it although commercial yarns that have elasticity can be used. I am doing a shade of red right now. The side panels will be spun in a shade of natural chocolate Rambouillet. The original dress - which I am keeping - since it fits weighs 8 ounces. The variation in texture makes it. It is one size fits all since the changes in direction of the knitting allow the dress to stretch in all directions.

This is my 500th post. A major milestone?

Look for an article in the Tucson Business Magazine on November 4, 2011. I am being featured as a businesswoman. The photographer is coming to the Wool Festival. Hope to see a lot of you here.