Strange animals in Maryland

We found this cow in a front yard as well as the one below. We were in a town named "North East". That is maybe as bad as my naming our Great Pyrennes "Left" and "Right?"

We did see some more normal looking animals the next day. Howard County Maryland had their Alpaca and Fleece Show while we were there. Most of what I saw was traditional/commercial items produced by Peruvian Connection. I guess most breeders don't have time or have not learned how to process their own fibers. I think that it might have been alpaca fiber only. Too bad they have not diversified into other fibers and blends. It would have been more interesting. I hope to make it to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival one of these years. There was a rabbit show in one of the barns - they had some cute English angoras. I have to admit that I was not tempted!