4th Avenue Street Fair Tucson

The shop is packed up and set up at the 4th Avenue already. Michael, my intern, helped Marc haul it all to the booth and we set it up in record time. Do come visit, since this will be my last 4th Avenue Street Fair.

Next Friday-Monday December 16-19, 2011, Marc and I are flying to Maryland to look at properties with acreage, pasture and barns. It is no longer a case of "if" we are going to move, but "when." We have both enjoyed Tucson but feel the need for a change. The predators here have worn me out. It is devastating to walk out and find that animals have been wiped out by coyotes, bit by rattlesnakes, etc. The cost of feed is skyrocketing and I have downsized as far as I am willing. We plan to arrange for all of the animals to be transported. I have some of the very best Merinos and angora goats and don't want to start all over again! My fibers are more suited to a cooler climate. Keep an eye on my blog, so you can come say goodbye before we leave. We are not going to wait for this house to sell. The realtor has politely told me that I have too much "stuff."

Left and Right are the two Great Pyrenees that I bought as guardian animals to be in with the goats and sheep. They are very gentle and curious. They will love having more room to run. They are growing quickly.

One of my friends gave me yellow mums two years ago. My son gave me cranberry colored ones earlier this year. The two plants cross pollinated. Check out the cool colors! Thanks Karen and Kyle!

This batt is a combination of Fillip's first fleece, a Shetland lamb's fleece from this year and a red kid mohair from last year. Super soft and next on my list to spin - after the yarn for the top of the sweater jacket that I am currently designing.