New Colors for a New Year

I have been busy washing fleeces and dyeing them, as well as silk for nuno felted shawls. I have also been spinning up smaller skeins in a lower price range for the upcoming Pasadena show. They all have enough yardage to knit a scarf. I had a few days of purple and then amethyst. I am currently spinning a skein of natural red kid mohair with seacell. The last few weeks have been pretty busy between classes and visits. The Arizona School of the Deaf and Blind came out on the 21st and 22nd of December. It was a challenge until I realized that they did not always needs words or sight to appreciate what I do.

A black and white angora goat are best friends. You can see that they already have a lot of growth since the wool festival. I have tentatively scheduled the Spring Shearing Festival for March 31, 2012. A lot depends on whether we find the right place in Maryland.

Kristie and Kyle (in the middle) came for Christmas. The cats provided a lot of entertainment. Kyle is holding his Persian cat - it has no ears. They were bit off by a dog before Kyle got him. The black cat that Tonia (far right) is holding is also Kyle's cat named Licker. Abe is holding Monet and Kristie has Pixie. Our big outing was to the Festival of Lights in Winterhaven. We have never been in 11 years and figured this would be our last chance. The one voted best was awesome. Hate to think about their electric bill!