Ready to Go

Sweet had a buck last Tuesday. He is plump! This photo was taken when he was two days old.

Due to the crummy weather, Marc and I reorganized the animals, so the pregnant colored angora goats are now in the large shed. The yearling does were moved to another pen. This will make it easier when Tor comes to pick them up next week. No herding animals! Barbara is the huge one in the foreground. She and her 4 year old daughter might deliver tomorrow morning.

I was sure that a few of these does would have delivered by now. I am envisioning triplets for two of them based on size.

I took Susan Corl's box making class last Saturday. I found the small boxes on the top to be fascinating in the way that they open and close. I plan to use some of my handspun as a closure. If you get a chance to take any of her classes, do it. She is a font of information and energy!

I packed half of the shop in bags, so the commercial fiber will end up in the same box, yarns in other boxes and finished goods in still another. I don't plan to unpack all of it, since I will probably not open shop till Mayland it will only be by appointment then. I want time to check out the local knit/spin groups, the shops, etc. before I tie myself down again. I want to enjoy the rest of the baby season without having to worry about commitments.

The animals passed the vet check, so they are ready to go.

The movers arrive in the morning to pack. They will start loading the trucks on Thursday. You notice I said trucks? They are figuring that they will need a trailer to get it all in. How did we accumulate so much stuff? We have been here twelve years. The longest that I have lived anywhere in my entire life! Guess that is why wanderlust hit!

Oh, and you know that crummy weather I mentioned above? We had enough hail to come down to look like it had snowed! Maryland was much warmer than here!