Thank You!

I want to thank all of you who came out for the festival yesterday. I did not advertise as in the past, so it was nice to still have a good turn out. I managed to shear a buck without nicking him anywhere. I am not as fast as a professional shearer, but I can get the job done!

Above is a picture of Socks, the mom, whose kid bucks were petted yesterday. Both of them are curled up in front of her even though it looks like just one. A lot of kids sleep separately after they are born. I think it is because they want their space. These two were not crowded in the womb, so they huddle together to stay warm and for company.

Pearl had her babies the next morning. They got ear tags and shots yesterday morning, so they could get out and run. Pearl has bonded to her white baby more than the black one - or maybe I should say that the white one hangs on mom more. They ran her ragged for a while yesterday while she tried to keep track of them. They are settled back in with her this morning.

In preparation for my Abstract Lace class on Friday, I photographed several different projects that are in various stages. I have not worked on this one for a while. One row takes over an hour and I can't focus when customers might come in. I will work on it while my stuff is in transition. I discovered that I had quite a few lace projects in progress. I don't think anyone can beat my pile of unfinished projects!