Animals Here Now, House Stuff Tomorrow

I am using my husband's computer until our satellite is installed on Tuesday. No photos since it will all take too long.

I do have some awesome photos of the animals being loaded. Only one mom delivered on the truck - the last day. She dried it and recognizes it, but did not have enough milk to feed her baby, who will only take a bottle now. 12 more babies have been born in the last 36 hours. Barbara has twin does this evening. They are delivering at the same times that they were delivering in Arizona with a 3 hour time change. Most of the moms do not have enough milk, so I am supplementing several of the babies.

The white angora goat today gave me twin bucks. 70% of all of the babies are now male. Kind of sad, but it will help me keep my herd to a reasonable size until I figure out how many the land can support.

We have already met some lovely neighbors and one is a spinner, which is very exciting.

Things are moving along. I have ordered an Amish barn for the large pasture and the fencing needed to keep the younger goats and babies in. The males, alpacas and merinos are already out on the pasture and the previous owner was lovely and left us some hay, so the feed has not been an issue yet. There are all sorts of small adventures like learning not to drive on grass, not to let the dogs roam too much (the Great Pyrenees found the pound), and that Charcoal and Emerald are more domesticated than we thought - they will not be barn cats!

The barn is nice and warm - the goats generated so much heat that it is like a sauna. Good for the babies so they will not be chilled. It was horribly cold the night before.

This is sounding disjointed, but I have had so many emails, I figured I needed to update - even without photos. Have I mentioned how much fun I am having?