It Never Fails

I am never going to be allowed to forget how fragile angora kids are. This baby was one of a set of twins. His brother has already died from pneumonia as a result of the amniotic fluid getting into his lungs. This little guy is going to be a bottle baby, since it cannot suck from its mother. I treated the first one with antibiotics which did nothing and decided to just use the power punch and baby bottle for the this one. He appears to be recuperating, but he does not suck voluntarily. His mother is bellowing in the barn, but she has almost no milk and he could not get it, so I have moved him into the house to keep an eye on him. It is also a lot warmer inside. The wind here has been wicked ever since our household goods were delivered. I am hibernating!

Above and below are two of the five yarns that I listed on etsy today. I have spent almost all of my stash on shelter and fencing, so I have to get back to work! I am dropping the prices on some yarns to compensate for the shipping.

Fences go up tomorrow, so the older babies and moms can go out. The Shetlands are going to be thrilled. Columbian sure has a set of lungs!