The Mini-Barn that we ordered was delivered last week. I found the trailer that they used to deliver and unload it to be quite ingenious. It sure saved the builders a lot of time.
The sheep and goats have all checked it out now, but the angora goats are going back into the main barn to sleep at night. We are going to have a fence installed around the barn, so we can leave doors open. Up until this past weekend, I have been running out to herd the animals in when it rained. It does that frequently here, so the fence is going to save me a lot of time. The blue panels are working for now, but it will not be long before the alpacas realize that they can jump the fence.
This is a project that I started a week ago. It is going to be a freeform slouch hat. It is going quickly, because I am motivated by the need to have something to wear that a little nicer than the red Santa style hat that I gave my son years ago. It is bright and I can be seen from anywhere on the property.
 A close up of the hat. I plan to use the matching elastic yarn to gather the edge and make it sturdy enough to hang properly. Pixie (one of our cats) bit the elastic yarn - so I can't sell it.

The two yarns above are going to be listed on my etsy shop. The top one has knots in it that can be shoved to give the appearance of a bullion. I used this style of yarn and a single to make the freeform hat. The elastic yarn below is core spun and the colors match the knotted yarn. The two will make a lovely hat. I have stretched the elastic yarn so you can see what it will look like knitted up - just like any other yarn!