Finally! Shetland Lambs and My Class Schedule

 Shetland lambs have been popping. Six  have been born so far today. They are all really cute and worth the wait. Shetland moms are so much easier than the angora goat moms. Babies are stronger and their instinct to drink is more developed.

I have already set up my booth for the Sugarloaf show at the Gaithersburg Montgomery County Fairgrounds. I have already met up with several of my friends and my booth neighbor is a friend, so it will be a fun weekend. Hope to make some sales of course. I have displayed my yarns in a different way, so you will be seeing them as new.

This is the front area with the art yarns. It will change first thing in the morning, since I forced myself to price three pounds of new yarn. More fun to spin than to do the administrative stuff. If I could transfer what is in my head easily to someone else, I would hire someone to do it for me!

Classes here at the farm for the next month are listed below.

April 18—Nuno Felting 10-12:30 $80

April 20—Nuno Felting 10:30-1 $80

May 8—Pleats 10-11 $15

May 10—Crazy Lace 10-noon $75

May 11—Nuno Felting 10:30-1 $80

May 14—Freeform Art Yarn Spinning 10:30-2:30 $100

May 18—Wet Felting 10:30-1:30 $25 instruction plus supplies

May 25—Freeform Knit and Crochet 10:30-2:30 $75

June 1—Drop Spindle 10:30-noon. Free with purchase of drop spindle and 3 ounces of fiber.

Nuno felting and wet felting classes are limited to 5 students, unless you are able to bring 6 foot plastic tables. 
You may also schedule a class for yourself or your group at a different time.